Army explores predicting suicides as way to prevent them

Developed by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM) with colleagues at Harvard University and other academic institutions across the country, the code is part of a broader study of suicide lasting several years and costing $65 million. The Army has received computer code over the past few months designed to do just that. "You've got to find a way to identify those people that are at risk," she says, praising the new Army effort. Jeremy was sent off to war in early 2009 six months after joining the Army. The father of two little girls was eager by 2010 to leave the service with a medical discharge, but he hated the medication doctors had him using. Shortly before his death, his mother says, he seemed severely depressed.

ARMY USA???????????????????

I'm Italian and I'd be happy to join the army, someone knows how could I do?

Go to Vicenza and talk to a retention agent there.

How can I join the USA army from overseas?

I want to help the U.S. get rid of these terrorists, but I can not join the army of my country the United States, Fiji. Is there anyone who can help me.

Check with the military attache at the U.S. embassy in Suva.

I am want to come to USA as a tourist and stay in the USA army?

Can they let me to stay even if I have not citezent and i came to this country (but I want to stay), and can they give me citezrnt after I finish it.

I will be 18 when I come to USA so can I join the army?

At a minimum you should have a Green Card or a Resident Alien card holder. A Green Card is a type of Visa that allows you to get a job and let's you stay in the country indefinitely. If your going to the US holding a tourist Visa only, I'm sorry but